A short speech written by David Feldman and dictated by Sam Chiu, CEO of David Feldman in Asia, at the official opening of the Hong Kong office:

Dear Friends, Philatelists,

First please excuse that I am not here myself to welcome you all alongside Sam, our newly appointed CEO. I had just flown literally a week ago from Hong Kong where I had helped Sam with some preparations, to New York for our Rarity & BNA auctions just days ago. Nonetheless Sam kindly consented to read these few words.

It is a great honour for me and David Feldman Company to open its doors officially in Hong Kong. Some of you may recall, I cannot say for sure, the times during the 1970s and early 1980s when I regularly came out to Hong Kong to meet with all the great collectors of the time. As a guest and introduced by the soft spoken and kind Chris d’Almada I met with the “still going strong” William Kwan, Thomas Kwok, Dr. Chan, Richard Chan and others in the days when Ryohei Ishikawa was still forming and then sold his wonderful collection.

Fast forward 30 years, almost half a lifetime, it is an entirely new generation of collectors. A world where China is emerging to be one the greatest world economic forces and business is no longer just visiting East but moving and setting up.

Our business however is a personal one. One of personal relations and intimate knowledge. It is set around people and to be successful any company needs a champion who will spearhead the company engine to grow and be successful. It took some time to meet up and be acquainted with Sam Chiu, a man of true champion qualities, with depth of philatelic experience and may I say of course “good business sense”. A rare mixture and valuable combination.

And as a reflection of the times, we are not just to be another Hong Kong stamp auction company. You will note we have called ourselves “David Feldman ASIA Ltd”. It is to be our base for Asia and our hopes are to develop business all over Asia both to and from this Hong Kong center. To bring a new feature: world philately to Hong Kong, as well to present China and its philately to the world.

But all this requires a good partner. The company, its champion and his staff are only half the picture. That other half is YOU, the collectors and customers and friends and helpers. We welcome you all, we want to make this office a place of friendship and social contact and networking, a place where you can feel your philatelic home as our private partners. I pray we can serve you well, that you will be satisfied with our service and endeavours built and still growing since those early days in the 1970’s. Together with Geneva and New York, Hong Kong is one of our three worldly columns. We have no objection that it may become yet the strongest. It requires your help and support for which I thank you all in advance.

I look forward to visiting many times and meeting you all.


David Feldman