Our spring auction series held from Tuesday 4th to Friday 7th of June in our office in Geneva featured more than 4000 lots of stamps, covers and collections from all over the world. 

The auction week was successful and exciting. Over the four days, we noticed once again a strong bidding interest worldwide over the internet, the phone and in the auction room.

The auction started on Tuesday with the specialised sale of Olympic Games and Football, where the prices of the lots that sold reached 150% of the estimates.

On the second day, we offered Romania, which saw determined bidding on the Bull’s Heads, the von Uexkull collection of Saudi Arabia, and the France and colonies section.

Thursday was dedicated to our All World catalogue, with more than 1000 lots offered the same day. We ended this third day with an intensive session of the Rarities of the World auction. The Morocco Exhibition collection offered in one lot (lot 60055) selling for Euros 84’000*.

The last day started with a bang with the highly popular All World collections section and finished with solid results in the Great Britain & British Empire and Ireland sections.

We invite you to download the pdf of the prices realised, here.



Lot 10072 – Olympics

1897 (Sep) Parcel wrapper with the LARGEST KNOWN COMMERCIAL FRANKING of the 1896 Olympic issue 

Estimated EUR 10’000

Sold EUR 17’080 *

Lot 20132 – Romania

1858 Moldavian Bull’s (21 July) Handstruck at Jassy on wove paper (81pa.) or laid paper (other values)

Estimated EUR 16’000 – 20’000

Sold EUR 72’000 **

Lot 41007 – Brazil

1843 60R Black, early impression, a fine four margined example used on reverse of 1845 cover from Bragansa Sao Paolo to Santos 

Estimated EUR 5’000

Sold EUR 14’640 *

Lot 40155 – France

10F sur 90c Berthelot avec 1F50 Pasteur pour Paris et signée du Pilote Demougeot

Estimated EUR 4’000

Sold EUR 6’100 *

Lot 41085 – Egypt

1927-37 Second Portrait 3m pale brown, type I, Royal “cancelled” on reverse in English, bottom left corner sheet marginal plate block of four

Estimated EUR 200 – 300

Sold EUR 6’100 *

Lot 42101 – Belgium

Oblitérations de distributions (18 barres verticales) (entre D1 et D63) sur les Epaulettes : 115 exemplaires bien à très bien margés dans une superbe qualité. 

Estimated EUR 12’000

Sold EUR 26’840 *

Lot 42330 – Danish West Indies

1874 Printed matter to Norway franked by pair of 1864-79 1/2d red tied by ST.THOMAS DE28 74 duplex

Estimated EUR 500

Sold EUR 3’660 *

Lot 50432- India

1854-2017 Extensive and valuable collection neatly mounted and presented in eight large albums

Estimated GBP 12’000 – 18’000

Sold GBP 29’280 *

Lot 60055 – Morocco

The Morocco Collection

Estimated EUR 30’000 – 40’000

Sold EUR 85’400 *

* Prices including buyer’s premium