Karol was not just a long time employee, helper, assistant, consultant, advisor but most significantly he was my friend. In my first trips and many of those that followed to Los Angeles in the 1980’s he was at the airport to greet me and take care of me all the time. After years of gentle hints I eventually persuaded him to come to work with David Feldman SA some 25 years ago.

What impressed immediately was the depth of his knowledge in all realms of philately, most particularly Latin America but many “hot spots” around the world. Curating the extensive collections of Dr. Gene Scott brought him to fore as a leading expert in Dr. Scott’s eclectic and varied collecting areas – Uruguay, Cape of Good Hope, Bavaria, Iceland, even Tristan da Cunha and others. In sum he had a great knowledge of all countries. His presentation of Dr. Scott’s collections led to his talents in preparing exhibit collections from Asia and Europe, several of which won Grand Prix Awards.  He was the “go to” man for all and any queries relating to worldwide postal history, exhibition advice even market information.

However, returning to my first statement, he was foremost a great friend. His knowledge spread out beyond philately and we shared many discussions on world history, art history, philosophy and the like. He sadly suffered ill health for many years due originally to early heavy smoking from which he could never recover and to which he succumbed prematurely.

He will be sadly missed not just by family and close friends but by many, and it is a big loss for the philatelic world.

David Feldman, RDP (I), FRPSL

September, 2021