Stamp Collector Laurence Hausman

Laurence Hausman has been an ardent stamp collector for more than 40 years, initially collecting the topic of stamps-on-stamps. After several years he further focused his collection on the stamps that are depicted on those stamps-on-stamps. The topic of Stamps-on-Stamps captured the imagination of collectors beginning shortly after 1921. It was in that year that Japan issued two stamps that depicted its first four stamps. The concept of stamps depicting other stamps (often first issues or special events) gained global popularity. By 1990 almost every stamp-issuing country in the world (140 plus) adopted the topic, usually depicting its own stamps but, also, stamps of other countries. Collecting stamps-on-stamps poses a number of challenges. However, collecting the stamps depicted on those stamps-on-stamps is a far more serious challenge. Why? Because many of those original stamps were chosen precisely because of their historical significance, importance and (often) scarcity. The stamps in this catalog are almost entirely those depicted on stamps-on-stamps. Exhibits on this topic earned double gold medals.

The sale of the Hausman collection of stamps and covers of the world is presented in a specially produced hardbond catalogue featuring over 1100 lots. These rare moments in philatelic life bring together history, provenance, rarity, value, and fame, all wrapped up in one collection. This exceptional collection covers almost all of the major collecting areas of the world and the sale is divided into four groups, Europe, Overseas including the United States, Latin America, Great Britain, and British Empire. As provenance has become a byword for important collections the offer of the Hausman collection brings together a plethora of items emanating from a wide range of famous collectors such as Aguinaga, Alemany, John Boker, Maurice Burrus, Bustamante, Alfred Caspary, Chusyd, Consort, Craveri, Dale Lichtenstein, Philip Ferrari de La Renotière, “Foxbridge”, Frohlich, Galvalisi, Goeggel, Gross, Guilford, Norman Hubbard, Fritz Heimbüchler, Hoffmann, Ibanez, Jewell, Lange, Lee, LeBow, Angelo Lima, Magonette, Nickle, Patino, King Carol of Romania, Runeberg, Sabbatini, “Sibelius” etc. In addition to provenance, the collection has an extensive array of expert certifications. Within the over 1100 lots there is a small but important array of forgeries from the great Jean de Sperati dotted throughout the collection.

Our usual viewing of all lots at our Geneva offices are by appointment or view everything at our stands E1-E2 at MonacoPhil 2022. Please note this sale will be conducted in both Euros for Europe, Overseas including the United States, Latin America, and Pounds Sterling (GBP) for the Great Britain and British Empire, and bidders can bid by mail, email, or through our website before the auction, or by phone, online or in the room in Geneva on the day.

The David Feldman team strives for excellence in lotting and promotion of every property entrusted to us. We invite you to visit us in person or via the internet to examine and determine those lots which may be of interest to you. We wish you success with your bids and satisfaction with your purchases.