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Thank you for taking the first steps to become a client of David Feldman SA, one of the world leaders in philatelic auctions.  

As a new customer we do require a few details and therefore invite you to complete your user profile in the form below. Once completed, and in order to validate your account and requested bidding limits, we ask that you upload a scan or a legible photo of your passport or identity card.

Welcome again, and if you need more information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

The David Feldman Team


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    We certify that we won’t sell or transmit your personal information.

    I fully understand and agree with the terms and conditions of David Feldman International Auctioneers mentioned in the catalogues and on the website. (http://www.davidfeldman.com)
    I enclose a copy of my identity card or passport.

    Postal address

    David Feldman SA
    PO Box
    Petit-Lancy 1
    1213 Geneva

    Contact details

    Tel: +41 22 727 07 77
    Fax: +41 22 727 07 78
    [email protected]

    For our UK clients, you can call our UK Representative on +44 203 146 7736

    Office address

    59 route de Chancy – Building D – 3rd floor
    1213 Petit-Lancy
    Monday to Friday from 08:30 to 17:00

    Map 59 route de chancy

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